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Entertainment and wifi on-the-go

Streaming on-the-go
Transportable WiFi access point
Quality assurance
GPS localization
And so much more …


Our vision

We want to be the most dynamic mobile entertainment and communication platform available to the largest number of business areas, by combining complex and solid technologies.


Our mission

To make digital entertainment available in contexts, at places and in form not previously possible – combined with industry specific internet solutions, and data collection for optimizing businesses.

Administrational features


DRM enabled

GPS logging

Interface with existing AV installations



Surveys and polls


Traffic shaping

URL blacklist

Entertainment features

WiFi using 3G and 4G/LTE

Movies on demand

Music on demand

E-books and magazines

Maps and positioning

Paid content


Tailor-made solutions


Our solutions range in size and funtionality – to suit the needs of specific contexts. Passenger entertainment, location services, logistics and more. Anything is possible, once you know your needs.

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If you want to know more or if you simply have questions regarding our solutions, feel free to contact us – by telephone or email.

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