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WiFi using 3G and 4G/LTE

The era of the internet café has ended. Free WiFi has become an increasingly requested service, basically anywhere – in trains, at cafés, in hotels and even on air planes.

Users need to look up information, check our emails, upload travel photos and make reservations. On top of that, access points are especially important to international tourists and business people, since data roaming on your phone’s data plan is an expensive endevour.

This is one of the reasons why the Movis server comes equipped with several WiFi antennas, an ethernet connector, both 3G and 4G antennas and multiple SIM slots. We want to provide the best possible basis for a stable, reliable internet connection.

Movies on demand

Part of the Movis mission was to make digital entertainment available in contexts, at places and in form not previously possible.

Now individual bus passengers can sit back and pass time with a movie of their choice. Hotel guests can watch movies and subtitles in a extensive array of languages. And store managers can handpick and update which movies to display in their childrens area, and control playback centrally from the online interface – Movis portal. And that is just the beginning.

Also, since the movies are stored locally on the Movis server’s hard drive, playback is seamless and super fast. What more could you ask for?

Music on demand

Music is part of human culture. We use it to express ourselves, to invoke emotions and for our entertainment. Music helps us take our mind of things and to give ourselves a break from our everyday concerns.

The Movis servers can contain an extensive music library to suit the different needs of the users. With genres, albums, artists and top charts, the users can find just the right music for their mood and state of mind. If you need to change the atmosphere with ambient music, the server can funtion as a separate playback system.

You choose the music content you want for your solution. The music is stored locally on the server, in order to avoid taking up valuable bandwidth and provide a seamless responsive listening experience.

E-books and magazines

Sometimes, all you need is a good read. Maybe it is a classic novel, or maybe you want to get the latest news, the newest fashion trends or something in between.

So why not provide a selection of great reading to your guests. With our eReader, the content is be displayed directly in the browser on laptops, tablets and smart phones.

The feature can also be used for your business’ documents – on board shop menu, time tables, price lists, evacuation plans etc. You name it.

Maps and positioning

When travelling long distances by train or bus, it is sometimes nice to know where you are, when to get off and how far you are from your destination.

A Movis server can be suited with a GPS antenna, to provide this service. This way passengers can discover the surrounding area or keep track of the progress – directly on their own electronic devices.


Tailor made solutions

A solution from Movis is never carved in stone. You can update and expand as you go, to suit your need.

Furthermore, the user interface can be tailormade to mirror the corporate visual identity of your business. Logo, colors, fonts, texts and layouts are all managed digitally, to meet your requirements.