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In order to maintain total control over what we offer to our customers, we are designing our own products from scratch, hand-picking and testing every component, to find just the right combined setup. And in the end it really pays off!
Our staff is comprised of talented engineers and developers, that go the extra mile to meet our clients’ requirements and contexts.



To provide a better understanding of our solutions, we have divided them into four major branches:

Busses and trains

The ability to display movies on busses have been around for quite some decades now, but more often than not, the passengers do not all want to watch the same movies. Some passengers might be too young for certain movies. Some might already have watched the movie. Some passengers might just not like a certain genre. And finally sometimes all passengers are not in the mood for a movie – they might just want to browse the web. So then what?

Movis wants to make digital entertainment available in contexts, at places and in form not previously possible. To make a solution that makes this possible, despite the different passenger needs and wishes.

The Movis server does just that. While it still function like older AV-systems, the entertainment system is equipped with WiFi and 3G/4G antennas among other things. This way passengers can use their own devices to access the Movis server and choose exactly the kind of entertainment they would like.

They can access the internet to read articles and blogs, to make hotel reservations or plan sightseeings, to check their email, and so on. Though passengers have data plans of their own, to foreign tourists this service is of especially high value in comparison to expensive data roaming.

Meanwhile passengers will browse through the movies, music and ebooks, that are stored locally on the server, without affecting bandwidth of others. And since all content is age rated, only age-appropriate content can be displayed to minors.


To most people hotels are place to spend nights relaxing, while they are on vacation or on business trips. And the majority have propably come across a room with a TV that did not offer much more than BBC, hotel reception hours, and pay-per-view channels. Or perhaps a heap of local channels with movies that were either half-way through, dubbed or cluttered with foreign subtitles.

So how do we go about solving this problem – while, at the same time – making use of existing installations?

One of the major benefits of the transition to digital content, is the ability to separate audio, video and subtitles, and the ability of streaming instead of broadcasting. The user selects the appropriate settings and can control playback independently.

By setting up Movis servers centrally and equipping the rooms with low-cost android TV computers, we have the solution to just that problem. The servers store and deliver all the various parts of the content, when requested by the ATVs, and also serves as WiFi access points for guests to access the internet. The DRM is handled by the ATVs and authentificated by the Movis server, in order to provide a fast, seamless content delivery.

Ferries and cruise ships

Ferries and cruise ships are a bit different from other means of transportation, like busses, trains and airplanes. The passengers can explore the ship, dine in the restaurant and relax in their cabins. The ships also typically offer a wider range of entertainment, since their passengers have more time to spend.

With a Movis solution, you can gather a lot of functions in one place. WiFi access, movie theatre, in-cabin mounted TV-installations and entertainment on the passengers’ own devices.

Through our solution you can provide important information and documents, facility opening hours, booking and more, digitally accessible from anywhere on the ship. Everything is controlled centrally from within our online portal, which means changes are swift and easy.

The solution will be based on your needs, volume, and requirements, to make way for a great experience and service to the passengers.

Childrens Area

Doing your shopping or going to a bank meeting is inarguably easier and more efficient without bringing your kids. But sometimes you have no other option and sometimes it is the only thing that fits your schedule. Either way, having someone or some way to take the load of your hands, is a great help.

With our solution you can create an attractive childrens area, with a cinema for the kids, and zero maintenance. You choose the titles for your system, we take care of Digital Rights Management and MPLC licence handling. Beyond that the system can run on its own. You can change the video content from the online Movis portal, or have them update automatically at a predefined rate.

Our solution can be added to an existing play area or built into a colorful stand-alone oasis for kids only. Basically, all it takes is a TV and a power outlet, and you are up and running.

Future-proof and full of features

We have put great effort into developing and designing our systems to be a powerful tool for both businesses and their customers. That means our solutions do not just provide entertainment – it could also become a great part of your management structure. We have divided the feature overview into two branches, depending on what your business is interested in.


The price of our solutions depends on a number of vaiables, such as content, quantity, added services and more. Therefore our prices does not come as a list.
Meanwhile, we offer

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some of the best prices imaginable within our area, so do not hesitate sending us an inquiry. Call us or send an email!